Hayer, Tara Singh
(Died November 18, 1998, Age 62)
Cause of death: Assassination (Shot, probably due to his writing as a journalist)
Location: Guildford, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Disability: Wheelchair user, from previous shooting
Perpetrator: Unsolved
Source: REAL SCOOP: Hayer murder unsolved after 20 years

*+Elmezayen, Abdelkarim
(Died April 9, 2015, Age 8)
Cause of death: Murder (Drowned)
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Disability: Autism
Perpetrator: Ali Elmezayen (Father)
Source: A man drove his severely autistic kids off a pier to their death. Prosecutors say he did it for the insurance money.

*+Elmezayen, Elhassan
(Died April 9, 2015, Age 13)
Cause of death: Murder (Drowned)
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Disability: Autism
Perpetrator: Ali Elmezayen (Father)
Source: A man drove his severely autistic kids off a pier to their death. Prosecutors say he did it for the insurance money.

*+Chapman, Stephen
(Died October 2, 2016, Age 56)
Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed)
Location: Moorebank, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Disability: Asperger syndrome
Perpetrator: Daniel Chapman (Son)
Source: Man who stabbed father to death over excessive computer use jailed for six years

*Whitley, Kari Marann
(Died May 3, 2017, Age 43)
Cause of death: Murder (Bludgeoned with a hammer)
Location: Gulfport, Mississippi, USA
Disability: Brain cancer survivor, wheelchair user
Perpetrator: William Bryant (Husband)
Source: Man admits to removing wife from facility to get her disability check, then killing her with a hammer

+Fisher, Christopher
(Died August 17, 2018, Age 31)
Cause of death: Suicide (Benefits cut)
Location: Headcorn, Kent, England, UK
Disability: Autism
Perpetrator: n/a
Source: Autistic man, 31, who was mourning the death of his grandmother killed himself after his benefits were cut

*Soltanov, Murad
(Died November 10, 2018, Age 25)
Cause of death: Medical malpractice (Bludgeoned during exorcism)
Location: Shabran, Azerbaijan
Disability: Schizophrenia
Perpetrator: Fizuli Garibov (Cleric), Shahin Soltanov (Father), Vusal Ibragimov, Aprel Halilov, Sahib Halilov, Afgan Tarverdiev and Jamil Gayibov
Source: 25-year-old ‘with mental illness’ killed in ‘exorcism’ in Azerbaijan


Life is interesting…

Things I learned as a poor millennial renting a room in a half-refurbished 1950s house

  1. Yes, it is possible for two cats and a human to live in a bedroom that is fifteen feet by ten feet. Unfortunately, the cats will use your bed as a wrestling mat while you are sleeping in it.
  2. Taking a shower in a fifty-degree house, with the window open on the five-degree outdoors to offset the lack of a bathroom ventilation system, is much less uncomfortable than it sounds as long as the water is warm. Turning off the water is quite an exercise of willpower, though…
  3. Kitchen counters are optional. So are drywall, flooring, doorknobs, and the occasional non-load-bearing wall.
  4. You will grow used to looking at your new fenced-in backyard, wishing you could adopt a puppy to romp around said backyard, and knowing you cannot afford to care for a puppy. You will then go online and drool over puppy photos while petting your cats, whom you didn’t mean to adopt (but who had no one else), and who are two years overdue for their rabies boosters.
  5. It is possible to make baked potatoes in a microwave, as long as they are thoroughly stabbed with a fork before cooking.
  6. Six-foot-tall-plus men with active jobs can and do eat four times as much as short, round female-ish people with slow metabolisms. Bananas bought in such an environment have a tendency to evaporate and must be constantly re-acquired.
  7. Internet access is a utility nearly as important as water and power, and more important than phone service.
  8. Yes, it is possible for a town to be this white. Living in a multicultural city is something you won’t appreciate until you’ve moved out and you miss it. Luckily, there’s always the Internet, where you can talk to people from around the world.
  9. When doing dishes in the bathroom sink, the missing plug can be replaced with a crumpled paper towel covered in plastic wrap.
  10. The tools to repair the used lawnmower can and will cost more than the lawnmower did.
  11. If you cannot cook and your housemate can, you are in luck if they are willing to make enough for you. If they also do their own dishes, you have truly won the housemate lottery.
  12. The utility of duct tape and WD-40 cannot be overstated. A shortage of either one must be remedied immediately.
  13. It is possible–just barely–to get used to having bright aqua paint on your bedroom walls. This will not keep you from questioning the taste and/or color-perception ability of the house’s previous owners.
  14. Finding a new church after moving is a problem comparable in complexity to tensor calculus, even if your only requirements are “must be within walking distance or offer carpool arrangements” and “must not confuse bigotry with religion”.
  15. When you want to salt the icy walkways with the congealed solid chunk of driveway salt that the previous owners left behind, breaking up the salt with one of the four crowbars they also left behind is a workable solution.
  16. In the 1950s, houses were often built with a slot in the bathroom vanity through which used razor blades could be discarded to fall into the hollow part of the bathroom wall. Your housemate will discover this while doing electrical work, and need a tetanus shot.
  17. Provided you are willing to take your time and be careful, caulking the bathtub is much easier than it sounds.  However, getting the caulk off your hands afterward is much harder than it sounds.
  18. Learning the ins and outs of living in a house that’s just barely livable will, ironically, offer bonding opportunities for you and your housemate, and your friendship will strengthen. This is a good thing, since working together on renovations is best done with someone you do not hate.